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Construction defect claims require a thorough investigation and hiring a construction expert is critical. Since Norman Shaw is and has been a licensed contractor since 1978, an expert witness AND an attorney. No one could be better suited to assess, pursue and litigate your construction defect problems than Norman Shaw Esq. Norman Shaw & Associates have that kind of expertise in house.

With an attorney/contractor on your side who understands the nuances of construction codes and construction law you possess a double barrel threat to your opposition. As an expert witness himself Mr. Shaw knows the ins and outs of Construction Defect cases. This kind of experience can save you a great deal of time and, of course, money.

Attorneys without this kind of experience must rely on multiple, expensive, expert witnesses to present your case. But they are at a disadvantage when questioning opposing expert witnesses as they lack the knowledge and practical experience of Mr. Shaw.

“Where the case falls down is the attorney, although competent, doesn’t know the nuances and the intricacies of construction methods and material choices,” Says Mr. Shaw. “As a witness I often watched, in frustrated silence, as attorneys missed crucial follow up questions, on cross. These points, had they been made, could make or break the case for the client. Not that the attorney wasn’t good, it was just that he was not steeped in the crucial details of the way buildings are built.”

We at Norman Shaw & Associates are steeped in the knowledge of how buildings are built and in the ways buildings are often not built safely and correctly.

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